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5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Our Military Families

Military personnel are not the only ones who have to make sacrifices. The family members also have to sacrifice the time that they spend with their loved ones. Military families…

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Attitude of Gratitude

While it is great to gather with family and friends and give thanks for every blessing at Thanksgiving, an attitude of gratitude is something that we should have every day.…

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What is Mediation?

 Hi, I’m David Pace, and I am an attorney at NBFL.  You have scheduled a time to come in and meet with one of our attorneys regarding your mediation. …

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Can You Take Your Spouse’s Name Off Our Joint Checking Account

The answer to this can be tricky and require a fact-intensive inquiry. A party may remove their soon-to-be-ex spouse’s name off a joint checking account so long as the Court…

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Does Alabama Require Separation Before Divorce?

 Yes. Before a divorce can be finalized, there must be a marital separation. Such a separation does not necessarily mean a physical separation of the parties; rather marital separation…

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Things That Might Happen If You Don’t File a Divorce Correctly?

 There is a multitude of consequences that could occur from a divorce not being filed correctly. For instance, a judge could deny the Agreement entered by the parties forcing…

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How To Co-Parent During The Holidays?

 Communication, while a divorce is pending during the holidays, is key. Both parties should strive to inform the other of any and all plans to celebrate the holiday season,…

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What Documents Should You Bring To Your Initial Consultation?

Deciding when or if to initiate a divorce proceeding is often an extremely difficult decision to make that can leave you feeling overwhelmed or confused. Taking the first step to…

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New Beginnings Family Law Intro Video

 Hello, I’m attorney Amber James with New Beginning Family Law. You are likely going through an emotionally difficult time right now, or you would not be here. Legal proceedings…

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TRICARE Benefits for Divorced Military Spouses

Health care benefits are essential for military families. With all of the long-distance moves and other big changes that come with military life, it’s good to know that you’ll still…

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