How to Reconnect as a Step-Family

How to Reconnect as a Step-Family

Adjusting to and connecting with your stepfamily can be a gradual process and, sometimes, a difficult task, which is why a special day each year is put aside to help you and your family bond. National Step-Family Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating your step-parents, children, and siblings who came into your life. Although it isn’t declared as an official national holiday, Step- Family Day is still considered to be a great way to reconnect as a step-family on September 16th. So for the upcoming Step-Family Day, here are ways that can help you and your step-family form a stronger relationship.

If you just began your new life as a step-parent, then it may be best to start off slowly so as not to overwhelm the children. Their age and gender, as well as yours, may very well determine how long it may take for the child to fully love and accept you in the family. For example, a younger child may be more accepting of a new parent in their lives than an adolescent, and a boy may feel more comfortable sooner around their step-dad than a girl. If needed, wait for the child to get closer to you, as they may still need time to recover from the divorce or loss of their other parent.

Speaking of which, your step-child could be going through the grieving process of a parent who has passed away. What you can do as a parent is to help your child by talking to them about their lost parent, having pictures of their parent in their rooms, or even setting them up with professional counseling to help them get through this tough time. On Step-Family Day, your family can plan on visiting the memorial of the parent who has passed; you can make it a day of remembrance. Your job is not to replace the previous parent, but to be there for the child as a new parent.

Another great way for step-families to get closer to each other is by creating new traditions that can essentially create new, fond memories. One example is making Friday Game Night. You can all play a certain game or a variety of games, making it a wonderful opportunity for all of you to learn about each other as well as grow together as a family. You can adopt Step-Family Day as a new traditional holiday for your family and go on picnics, perform and participate in certain activities, and much more. You can even make a tradition on holidays that are already established or even create your own holidays.

Step-Family life may take a while to fully function to every member’s benefit. As long as you love your new step-children and put forth the effort to take care of them, then you and your family can live together with little to no social tension. Remember to give your children attention or space when they need it. You can seek even more help and advice from certain professionals, such as the attorneys at New Beginnings Family Law, who care deeply about bringing your new family together. So be sure to prepare yourself and your family for a memorable day on National Step-Family Day.

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