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Divorce Mediation in Alabama

Many Alabama couples seeking to end their marriage turn to a mediation lawyer to save time, money, resolve disputes, and heartache on the way to an amicable divorce agreement. Mediation in a divorce is a voluntary process that both spouses agree to follow and abide by. In legal terms, mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, as opposed to uncontested or contested divorce, in which an impartial mediation attorney helps guide the parties through negotiations in order to achieve a concrete and enforceable divorce settlement or resolution.

At New Beginnings Family Law, our Huntsville divorce attorneys have more than a decade of experience helping people navigate the divorce mediation process. We can explain what to expect during mediation sessions and help you work toward a fresh start for you and your children.

Please contact the dedicated Alabama family law attorneys at New Beginnings Family Law today to discuss the status of your divorce and whether mediation can be helpful to you. Contact us by calling (256) 530-2254 or filling out our online form. Let us help you take the next step toward your new beginning today.

Mediation Lawyer: Divorce in Alabama

Any legal dispute may be resolved through mediation. In mediation, an independent third party, the mediator, helps opposing parties negotiate a settlement. Mediation also includes each party’s attorney.

When a divorcing couple can come to an understanding and work together to establish the terms of their divorce, enlisting the help of a mediator sets the stage for a less adversarial split. However, couples may arrive at divorce mediation under different circumstances:

  1. In a traditional divorce, separating spouses often proceed to mediation after the initial petition for divorce has been filed and each side has completed discovery. (Discovery is the process of obtaining sworn statements and other evidence from the other side in a legal dispute.)
  2. In collaborative divorce, in which the couple and each spouse’s lawyers work in a non-adversarial manner to reach an equitable agreement, a mediator may be called upon to help settle certain sticking points.

In Alabama, the legal system encourages divorcing couples to try to come to agreement on marital issues before going to court for a legal declaration of divorce. At New Beginnings Family Law, we work with our clients toward reasoned negotiations and equitable agreements on the terms of their divorce outside of the courtroom. Contact our mediation lawyers today to discuss your options for mediation in a divorce.

What to Expect in Divorce Mediation?

A mediator does not make decisions for you. Rather, mediation means facilitating discussion to help you and your spouse come to conclusions that are in the best interests of each of you, and your children if you have kids.

A professional mediator can help you address such marital issues as:

  1. Division of marital property
  2. Payment of support (child support and/or spousal maintenance, i.e., alimony)
  3. Child custody
  4. Visitation

Many cases in which spouses have previously been unable to agree can be resolved with the help of a skilled Huntsville divorce mediator. If mediation is bypassed or unsuccessful, a divorce proceeds to trial, where a judge makes the decisions about each party’s future.

Benefits of Working with a Mediation Attorney

There are numerous benefits for choosing mediation as your path to a divorce in Alabama. They include but are not limited to:

  • Less stress. Mediation is often marked by less formality and more flexibility as the parties seek solutions that satisfy both spouses. You can expect a Huntsville divorce mediator to establish a rapport with both you and your spouse, and to try to make you feel comfortable during your meetings. The mediator’s job is to facilitate discussion to keep sessions on track and moving forward. The easier, calmer, collaborative process also means there’s less hostility for your children to pick up on.
  • More control. The mediator you work with will be independent, with allegiance to the process of coming to agreement, instead of to either spouse’s agenda. Working with a mediator allows room for creativity and the flexibility to talk out the issues and decide what will work best for you and your family. You are not bound by formalities of a traditional divorce case and what a judge decides after reading legal documents and hearing courtroom testimony.
  • More privacy. Mediation is a confidential process. Court proceedings are open to the public and become part of the public record. In mediation, only your divorce agreement, which you must file with the court for approval, becomes public record. Anything said or any evidence presented in mediation remains between you, your ex-spouse, and your mediator.
  • Faster resolution. County court dockets in Alabama are extremely busy. A certified mediator can work with you according to your timetable. You don’t have to get on the court calendar and then wait for court hearings and the judge’s decisions. With a mediator, you can work through the issues and get everything finalized as quickly as you and your spouse can come to agreement.
  • Less expense. Through mediation you save on attorneys’ fees, which are typically charged by the hour in contested divorces. Because the mediator helps you work with your spouse, agreements about child support and spousal support (alimony) may be reached more quickly. Mediated divorce agreements also require fewer modifications, which means less future expense.

Contact our Mediation Attorney in Huntsville for Help

If you are not sure whether mediation is an option in your divorce, contact us today. We can discuss the process with you and explain what to expect. As your divorce attorneys, trained in mediation, we are always here to answer any questions or address concerns you may have along the way. Our goal is that you reach a fair and equitable agreement that sets the stage for you to move forward with your life.

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Mediation Lawyer in Huntsville: Get Help Now

If you feel like you and your spouse can work through the issues related to your divorce, mediation could be a viable alternative to traditional uncontested divorce in Alabama. It may also be a better, easier route to divorce for you.

Contact New Beginnings Family Law today if you are considering divorce mediation in Huntsville. Our attorneys will conduct an honest assessment of your situation and lay out all your options.