Children’s Health: 5 Ways to Stay Active When Its Cold Outside

Children’s Health: 5 Ways to Stay Active When Its Cold Outside

When the weather turns cold outside, it is still important for children to stay active in order to keep their bodies and minds in shape. Even though outdoor activities may be limited during the cold season, there are still plenty of things children can do to stay active.

  1. Indoor Swimming
    Many facilities have indoor pools that stay open throughout the entire year. The water is heated so that no one has to feel cold even when outdoor temperatures are especially chilly. Swimming provides a great way for children to work on their cardiovascular fitness in a fun environment. In Huntsville, AL and surrounding areas the YMCA provides this opportunity for indoor swimming. You can find them at
  2. Ice Skating
    Ice skating is the perfect wintertime activity for children. Strength, endurance and balance can be improved by taking part in this activity. There are indoor rinks in Huntsville, AL ( and Decatur, AL ( Huntsville also has an outdoor ice skating rink that is open from November 18th, 2016 through January 3rd, 2017.
  3. Touch Football
    Children who still feel the urge to get outdoors on cold days can play a fun game of touch football. This form of football is a safer alternative to tackle football and can teach children about the importance of working together as a team. Children should bundle up and keep moving as much as possible during the game to avoid feeling the affects of the outdoor cold.
  4. Rock-Climbing
    Being outdoors is not required to enjoy this activity. It is easy to find indoor rock climbing facilities that provide safety harnesses and other protective gear. Rock climbing encourages children to reach for goals without giving up along the way. The Insanity Complex in Madison, AL has an indoor rock-climbing wall. You can locate them at
  5. Indoor Dance Party
    Gymnasiums, studios and even living rooms are great places to hold indoor dance parties for children. Little ones will have the opportunity to move to their favorite tunes while burning calories and improving muscle coordination.
  6. Indoor Trampoline Rinks
    Another fun indoor activity is an indoor trampoline rink. Children can jump on large trampolines into foam pits or do one of the obstacle or rope courses. They even have indoor dodge ball. Huntsville, AL has an indoor trampoline rink called Shakalaka. More information can be found at

Children can stay entertained, fit and happy by enjoying a variety of indoor activities when outdoor temperatures begin to drop.

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