How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying!

How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying!

Bullying is a serious issue currently plaguing the school systems throughout the country. When your child comes home, crying in fear or simply embarrassed by what they have experienced at school, many parents are simply at a loss and unsure of how to handle the situation without getting angry. The best option is to speak with your child about bullying – how they can react to bullying, who they should speak with at school, and understand why it may be happening. It is not their fault!

Help Them Understand

Your child needs to know exactly what bullying is in order to identify the signs of a bully in their classroom. Should it happen to them, the child can speak on the matter or reach out to an adult nearby.

  • Children should be encouraged to speak with a trusted adult should they ever be bullied in school or witness someone else being bullied. An adult can offer comfort and support where needed. Children should feel confident enough to report bullying when needed.
  • Kids should learn how to stand up to a bully by learning strategies and remaining confident.

Drastic Measures

Should the bullying continue, you may want to speak with an attorney to rectify the situation. Should simple communication with the school fail, an attorney can add a sense of urgency to the situation that solves the problem within a reasonable amount of time for everyone involved. No parent wants their child to be afraid to attend school because of a bully in their classroom. Take action today!

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