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Can You Take Your Spouse’s Name Off Our Joint Checking Account

The answer to this can be tricky and require a fact-intensive inquiry. A party may remove their soon-to-be-ex spouse’s name off a joint checking account so long as the Court…

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Does Alabama Require Separation Before Divorce?

 Yes. Before a divorce can be finalized, there must be a marital separation. Such a separation does not necessarily mean a physical separation of the parties; rather marital separation…

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Things That Might Happen If You Don’t File a Divorce Correctly?

 There is a multitude of consequences that could occur from a divorce not being filed correctly. For instance, a judge could deny the Agreement entered by the parties forcing…

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How To Co-Parent During The Holidays?

 Communication, while a divorce is pending during the holidays, is key. Both parties should strive to inform the other of any and all plans to celebrate the holiday season,…

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What Are Alabama Schools Doing to Prevent Bullying?

Aggressive, intimidating behavior using physical, verbal, or social means to hurt someone, bullying affects over half of school-age children at some time. It can happen anywhere; at school, on the…

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