Shared Custody: Half as Good? Or Twice as Good?

Shared Custody: Half as Good? Or Twice as Good?

After a divorce, emotions run high. This is especially true when children are in the mix and must get used to a new normal. The two most common outcomes of a custody battle are sole and shared custody. Sole custody gives all decisions about the child’s life to one parent, or grandparents, and the child lives only with that parent. The child must adjust to life without the other parent, but the child will have more consistency in his or her life. Shared custody, however, attempts to allow both parents oversight in the child’s life, both in decision-making and in physical proximity.

Shared custody seems like it could cause a child to feel temporary and never be able to get into a routine. It’s also expensive. However, it is generally the set-up in the child’s best interest, and here are some reasons why.

First, it is clear to the child or children that both parents love them and want to be with them. If a parent surrenders custody easily, that could be interpreted as a rejection. Second, children have access to multiple parental viewpoints to make informed decisions. Third, studies show that shared custody situations actually reduce conflict. Fourth, the financial burden split seems more equal, and parents rarely return to court for disputes. Fifth, childcare is easier, as each parent can substitute the other in situations. And finally, there is less demand in a shared custody situation than there is on a single parent, and this prevents burn out.

If you are worried a shared custody situation may not be the best fit for your family, talk to our experienced Huntsville child custody lawyers today. The team at New Beginnings Family Law is available for a consultation regarding all of your divorce concerns.

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