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How Much Will My Divorce Costs and How Long?

A divorce can be a quite expensive process. Just how expensive depends on a number of factors, such as the issues involved, like child custody and the composition, value and…

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From Litigator to Firm Leader, A Strategy Call with Amber James

Lawyerist Lab member Amber James discusses shifting from a client-focused to a team leader-focused role in her own firm and the mindset and strategy required to make that transition with…

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COVID-19 Local First Responders and Health Care Workers

The COVID-19 global pandemic has altered our way of life. Non-essential businesses are closed, and children are home from school. But our first responders and health care workers are still…

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Alabama Grounds for Divorce

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Alabama? Alabama is what is commonly referred to as a “no fault” divorce state. In other words, no one has to be “at…

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How Will the New Tax Law Impact Divorce Settlements?

Couples who are considering divorce may have another factor to weigh when making their decision: the most recent tax law. Changes in the tax code that are scheduled to go…

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What Are the Laws in Alabama Regarding Surrogacy?

What Are the Laws in Alabama Regarding Surrogacy? I’m often asked by potential clients what the laws are in Alabama regarding surrogacy. The answer is that unfortunately, there are very…

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