What to Expect From an Angry Spouse During Divorce

What to Expect From an Angry Spouse During Divorce

Divorce brings up a lot of emotion, and often anger. This is unfortunate because anger is never helpful and can often end up poisoning the divorce process and making it even more stressful and unpleasant. What should you expect from an angry spouse? In today’s blog entry, we’ll look at common responses. If you’re dealing with an angry spouse, it’s even more critical that you have an experienced and compassionate divorce attorney on your team. Please contact us today for more information.

  • Financial manipulation. Your spouse may try to “punish” you financially. Trying to hide assets isn’t that uncommon, and if you suspect your spouse might do this you need to inform your attorney right away. Or your spouse might go into the divorce with a scorched earth policy, determined to do everything possible to make sure you get as little money as possible. It’s important to talk this possibility through with your attorney.
  • Wild accusations. Your spouse may invent misbehavior to try to discredit you. Staying calm is the best way of refuting most accusations.
    Spying. Some divorcing spouses resort to spying to try to get compromising information about a spouse. Don’t say anything on the phone that your spouse could use against you, and especially don’t say anything online that might give your spouse ammunition.
  • Ignore agreements. An angry spouse may ignore verbal agreements. It’s best to get everything in writing from the beginning if you suspect your spouse may renege on agreements.
  • Refusing to cooperate. Sometimes a spouse refuses to sign required documents or provide necessary information. Some spouses want to take trivial issues to court, not just once, but repeatedly. Or the spouse may withhold child support payments.

If you suspect your spouse is going to be especially difficult during the divorce procedure, you may want to prepare as much as possible ahead of time. Keep your lawyer informed. You may want to hire a counselor, too, if you anticipate that things are going to get very emotional.

Divorce is never easy, and an angry spouse can make it that much more challenging. If you’d like to discuss this subject further, please get in touch with us today!

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