The Cost of Divorce

The Cost of Divorce

The Cost of Divorce in Alabama

A divorce can be an emotional drain on everyone involved, but it can also be financially draining to at least one participant. In Alabama, the divorce filing fee is not very expensive, but the subsequent costs can rise dramatically, with the final amount depending upon a number of issues. The attorneys at our family law firm, can help reduce both the emotional and financial hardships that often occur before any divorce.

The Cost of a Contested Divorce

A contested divorce involves a dissolution that is sought by one spouse without a specific agreement by the other. There are many legal grounds in Alabama that allow a husband or wife to file for divorce, including incompatibility of temperament, cruelty, criminal convictions, and adultery. In these cases, attorneys for both sides will file pleadings with regard to such issues as the distribution of family assets, child custody and visitation rights. 
The court will then make a decision based upon the evidence presented.

The cost of a contested divorce can be high, especially when both sides have difficulty in resolving such issues. The additional costs are related to the number of court proceedings needed and the additional time spent by attorneys representing both sides. The retainer fees for an attorney in these cases will usually be higher based on the assets, which need to be divided, and if child custody needs to be decided.

The Cost of an Uncontested Divorce

These cases are generally less expensive because most issues have been resolved before the couple even reaches the court. Often known as no-fault divorces, these cases will not require lengthy court proceedings. 
Occasionally, a Contested Divorce can be negotiated and an agreement filed with the court, but this would not be considered an Uncontested Divorce.

Although the attorney’s hourly fees will still be the same, the time spent on the case will be considerably less. Once the necessary documents are completed, they will be sent to court for the appropriate disposition. These cases will usually take between five and 10 weeks to be resolved, depending on the case and the judge’s schedule, which is always quite busy.

Whether you are seeking a contested or uncontested divorce, Huntsville divorce attorneys can provide you with the assistance you need. This is why couples facing divorce should consider turning to the legal services available at New Beginnings Family Law, P.C.

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