Legal Outcomes of Surrogacy and Gamete Donation Technology Cases: Why So Varied?

Legal Outcomes of Surrogacy and Gamete Donation Technology Cases: Why So Varied?

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As technology grows and improves, there are more options than ever for alternative reproduction to create and expand families. But the rate of technology advancement is growing much faster than the legal implications, and it seems like every week, there’s a new story in the media regarding a surrogacy or gamete donation case. Even more strangely, each case seems to have a drastically different outcome.

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In addition to the law scrambling to keep up with medical advancements, one important factor affecting the outcomes of these cases is that the laws are on a state-by-state basis. A law written one way in Washington can be interpreted another way in Vermont and enforced differently still in Alabama. Some states have no laws that cover various aspects of these cases at all.

To complicate things further, these cases often involved parties across state lines. Biological parents, such as surrogates, may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from the intended legal parents, and their state laws may differ. Add in the rights on all involved parties, and it’s no wonder that cases are constantly being determined based on different points.

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If you’re looking to protect yourself in a case regarding Assisted Reproductive Technology, be sure to draw up written agreements such as a contract, waiver or consent form. Even if laws don’t necessarily recognize them as binding documents, having a written record of all agreements will help you down the line. To be as safe as possible, enlist the help of our Huntsville family law firm. The legal team at New Beginnings Family Law is available for a consultation today.

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