Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorney

Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorney

When dealing with topics as sensitive as infertility and the creation of a family, it can be tempting to keep your dealings as private as possible, only involving medical professionals. But with the complicated legal issues regarding the rights of all parties involved, competent legal help is an important aspect of moving forward in any assisted reproductive technology.

While not all types of assisted reproductive technology require the use of a surrogate to carry the baby for your family you may still be considering artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization using donated eggs or sperm.   At this time, Alabama has very little law statutory law related to the use of assisted reproductive technology to grow your family and no appellate court decisions that can give us guidance as to how a Court may decide issues related to the parentage of children born through the use of collaborative assisted reproduction or surrogacy.  While there are statutes that set out who will be considered the father of a child born to a married woman through the use of donated sperm and statues related to who will be considered to be both the mother and the father of a child born to a married couple through the use of donated eggs, sperm, or both, these statutes do not protect intended parents of a child born to a surrogate, born to unmarried parents, or to a married gay or lesbian couple. Further, these statutes require that the child be born with the assistance of a licensed physician and with the written consent of the woman’s husband.   It is important that a person or couple who is thinking of growing their family through the use of assistance reproductive technology take the time to get sound legal advice about their particular situation from an experienced assisted reproductive technology attorney before they choose this particular path to grow their families.

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