Communication is Key: How to Maintain a Positive Relationship with Your Ex-Spouse

Communication is Key: How to Maintain a Positive Relationship with Your Ex-Spouse

It’s sometimes hard to see the value of remaining on good terms with your ex, but doing so is in everyone’s best interest. It might not always be easy, but here are several pointers for making that positive relationship work.

  • Think about the kids.

It perhaps sounds self-sacrificing to say you should put the kids first, but it really isn’t. What’s best for the kids is usually best for everybody in the long run. Don’t put your ex down in front of the kids, don’t use the kids as spies or leverage, and try to keep dealings with your ex polite and cordial.

  • Be dependable.

Your ex should be able to depend on you to pick up the kids when you say you’re going to pick them up or have them ready to be picked up at the right time. It’s going to poison your relationship with your ex and your kids both if you cancel plans at the last minute. And don’t withhold child support payments to get back at your ex—your children are the ones who will suffer.

  • Be kind to your ex’s family.

Your ex’s family is important to your kids. It’s going to make for a happier situation all around if you make an effort to remain on good terms with everyone.

  • Be polite.

Sure, especially at first it may be hard, but simple politeness is a good way to navigate awkward relationships, and your relationship with your ex may be awkward for a while. You don’t necessarily need to limit your conversations to small talk about the weather, but then again, that may be just what your relationship needs. Find a level where you and your spouse are comfortable and can talk without rancor.

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