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Parental Alienation and Divorce Proceedings

Divorce, custody, and visitation are often complicated and emotionally charged proceedings. In this tug-of-war, children may be distant and emotionally detached. As a parent who is going through a contentious…

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Simple and Important Conversations to have with your Mom this Mother’s Day

Since becoming an attorney in 2006, I have been truly blessed in so many ways; however, in that same period of time, I have lost several people, my mom and…

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Seasonal Depression – Don’t Let It Get You Down

Many people look forward to the fall. However, it is estimated that 10 to 20 percent of people experience seasonal depression. You may have trouble completing your daily activities if…

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Develop Your Talents

  You can reduce the stress factor for the process for self-improvement if you focus on your natural talents such as singing or painting. The easy path for self-improvement will…

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7 Ways to Learn a New Skill

  There are several ways to learn new skills throughout your lifetime, and New Beginnings Family Law encourages everyone to join classes to improve themselves. Here are some of the…

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How to Stay Healthy and Active in your Grey Years.

You are not resigned to poor health once you advance in years. Everyone deserves a fulfilling and active life, and the New Beginnings Family Law Office wants to let you…

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