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How Much Will My Divorce Costs and How Long?

A divorce can be a quite expensive process. Just how expensive depends on a number of factors, such as the issues involved, like child custody and the composition, value and…

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10 Things Clients Should Know About Our Firm

Contact the Huntsville Family Lawyers at New Beginnings Today At New Beginnings Family Law, we understand how stressful and devastating a divorce and child custody issues can be for a…

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Abandonment: A Common Misconception in Divorce

In Alabama, there are several different grounds upon which someone may file for divorce. They fall into two categories: fault and no-fault. While no-fault means that neither party bears the…

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What Steps Can You Take to Protect Your Reputation During a Divorce?

All divorces have at least one of the following three issues, issues of time, issues of money, or issues of reputation. A divorce can have a plethora of other issues,…

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What Happens to the Family Home After Divorce?

Marital Home After Divorce In Alabama, the Court has broad discretion when it comes to the disposition of the family or marital residence in a divorce. Of course, two reasonable…

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Military Divorce FAQs in Huntsville, AL

Alabama Military Divorce FAQ When a military servicemember or spouse of a servicemember is considering a divorce, there are often many questions regarding particular considerations involved in a military divorce.…

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What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

A marital settlement agreement is an agreement reached by both parties to a divorce action that resolves all of the issues presented by both parties in a divorce. If it…

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How Do You Plan for Life After a Divorce?

I love it when my client’s ask me this question and allow me to be a part of this process, because I truly believe that you have an opportunity to…

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How Long Does a Military Divorce Take?

Military divorces are often complicated by the requirements on individuals who are on active duty. Active duty personnel can seek delays of divorce actions when their military obligations prevent them…

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Starting a Relationship While Divorce is Pending

Dating While Going Through a Divorce – Is It Okay? That is a question I am asking from time to time during a client’s divorce matter. It is also one…

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