What Documents Should You Bring To Your Initial Consultation?

What Documents Should You Bring To Your Initial Consultation?

Deciding when or if to initiate a divorce proceeding is often an extremely difficult decision to make that can leave you feeling overwhelmed or confused. Taking the first step to schedule your initial consultation for divorce is a big step, and people often ask what documents they should bring to their consultation.

Divorce Consultation

During the consultation, we will listen to you and work with you to determine the best course of action for your matter, as well as determine what documents will be necessary to move forward in your divorce action. While each action is unique, you can typically expect that, in addition to your basic identifying information set forth in the client intake, you will need to provide documents and information related to your and your spouse’s income and finances, such as recent pay stubs and tax filings, bank statements, retirement statements, and statements for any debts or household bills. Such information is necessary to consider the financial condition of each party so as to determine the division of marital assets and liabilities, as well as to determine payment of child support or alimony. Other helpful information or documentation might include text messages, social media posts or messages, and photographs relevant to the claims you are making.

In the event that you are seeking a modification of a previous order of the Court, including modification of a previous decree of divorce or custody order, it is important to bring with you any and all documents, especially the order you are seeking to modify, in the previous action.

If your matter involves a juvenile court action or involves the Department of Human Resources, it is important to bring with you to your consultation all documents you have from the juvenile court or the Department of Human Resources.

Your attorney will assist you in determining what additional information he or she will need from you, and your attorney is there to answer any questions you may have about obtaining or providing such information or documentation.

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