Paying Too Much in Child Support or Not Getting Enough

Paying Too Much in Child Support or Not Getting Enough

Paying Too Much Child Support or Not Getting Enough Child Support?

This is a question I get asked all the time –I feel like I’m paying too much child­ support, or I don’t feel like I’m getting enough child support. If you think you are paying too much child support, there are some things you need to consider, Including the health insurance premium and how many people that health insurance premium is covering, as well as daycare costs. It may be that your child is now five or six years old and daycare at $100 a week was included when they were still in preschool, and now they’re in kindergarten and t here’s only $25 or $30 a week in daycare costs. That can have a huge impact on your child support amount. In Alabama, child-support is a formula that is based on your income, your former partner’s income, the health insurance premiums, and the daycare costs. So, in order to make sure that you’re paying the right amount of child support, you need to know what those numbers are and then we plug them into a formula and we were able to give you a number that tells you whether not you’re paying too much or too little in child support. There is also the possibility that your child may have some extraordinary expenses that have to be taken into consideration, due to mental, emotional, or medical health reasons . We need to know what those are in order to help you and make sure that you were making the right decision about trying to seek to have your child support reduced.

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