“Is Adoption Right for Me?” Six Questions to Help You Decide

“Is Adoption Right for Me?” Six Questions to Help You Decide

Adoption is a wonderful thing, for both parents and children. But it’s among the most significant commitments you can make in your lifetime, so it’s important to make the decision to adopt very carefully. In this blog entry we propose several questions for parents considering adoptions. Please contact Huntsville Adoption Attorney if you’d like to learn more!

  1. Do you have the financial and emotional resources for parenthood?
    Taking care of a child is both expensive and emotionally difficult. If a child is going to create a financial stretch, you may find yourself too harried to really enjoy the new relationship. And if you need lots of peace and quiet and time alone, a child will be very difficult for you to manage.
  2. Are you ready for the commitment?
    We all know that having children makes it more difficult to go out to dinner or take a vacation on an impulse, but living the reality is different than knowing something theoretically. Are you ready for the commitment?
  3. Do you have a supportive community?
    Even a perfect adoption is going to be a little rough sometimes. Do you have the support you need? Is there someone who can help you if the situation gets a little overwhelming at times? Sometimes having friends or family who can look after your child for an afternoon can make all the difference.
  4. Have you had any recent traumas?
    If you’ve recently lost a loved one or lost your job—or even if you’ve had a happy recent event, such as a marriage—it may be best to let yourself adjust to the changes before moving into a new situation that involves more major changes. Studies have shown that too many major life events, even positive ones, can cause stress and even illness. Too much happiness can sometimes just be too much.
  5. What kind of expectations do you have of a child and will you be disappointed if those expectations aren’t met?
    If you have strong ideas about what your child needs to be like, there is a good possibility your child won’t be the child you envisioned. The athlete you were hoping to have in the family may turn out to be a quiet intellectual, or the quiet intellectual you thought your child would be may turn out to be all about sports. Don’t set expectations on your children, do your best to help them become the person they are meant to be.
  6. What are your goals in life overall?
    Does a child fit into your life plan at this point? If you want to win a huge promotion at work, and that requires working long hours, adopting a child might not be a good idea at this point. If adopting a child is going to mean sacrificing your dreams, you need to think long and hard before making your decision.

If you would like further information about the procedural side of adopting a child, we’re here to help – please contact us today to learn more!

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