Internet Zombies: Are Your Tech Habits Affecting Your Marriage?

Internet Zombies: Are Your Tech Habits Affecting Your Marriage?

With the meteoric rise of apps and websites that encourage dating, there’s no question that technology has affected the landscape of couples in the last few decades. But technology does not just have a part in connecting couples—it also can tear them apart. Here are some of the ways in which technology can disrupt a marriage bond.

  1. Pornography. This is an obvious one. With pornographic material, from pictures to videos to stories, so readily available, consuming this can lead to a rift between spouses. The non-consuming partner may feel “not good enough.”
  2. Online shopping. This topic does not deal with infidelity, but it can feel that way. Online shopping can lead to credit card debt, financial irresponsibility, and sometimes even hiding purchases and credit card transactions from the other spouse. As this escalates, the non-spending spouse can resent the offending-spouse’s lack of self-control.
  3. Distraction. We may joke in this day and age about being glued to our phones, but in some relationships, spending more time with the internet than the spouse is a legitimate concern. This shows a lack of interest that can, again, make one spouse feel not good enough for the other’s attention.
  4. Availability. Online dating sites give access to a plethora of people around the world. If someone is feeling restless but does not want to risk an affair in town, being verbally unfaithful with a cross-country lover may seem like an out.

If you exhibit any of these behaviors, take a hard look at what is behind them and the effect they are having on your marriage. Recruiting legal help can be beneficial, even if just for mediation of a potentially troublesome situation. The lawyers at New Beginnings Family Law can help. Contact the office for a consultation about your situation today.

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