How to Survive the Holidays During a Divorce

How to Survive the Holidays During a Divorce

While navigating the holidays during a divorce can be challenging, there are a few tips that are common for all parties involved. First, make new family traditions. Everything changes during divorce, whether or not you have children. But for those that do, its important that you try to blend the family traditions of old with your new traditions. Even something as small as watching a special movie, do not be afraid to let your old traditions fade. Second, don’t spend the holiday season along. One of the worst things that you can do is spend the holidays alone. Surround yourself with family and friends that are cheerful, encouraging, and important to you. Third, keep the past in the past. Avoid visiting places or destinations of what used to be. For the upcoming holidays, look for new places to visit, and work to create new memories with those special around. Before you know it, the future and all it has to offer will be that which you look forward to.

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