How To Co-Parent During The Holidays?

How To Co-Parent During The Holidays?

Communication, while a divorce is pending during the holidays, is key. Both parties should strive to inform the other of any and all plans to celebrate the holiday season, while also being respectful of the other’s holiday schedule. Just as it is important for both parents to stay informed, it is equally important for the children to also stay informed about holiday plans. The holidays can be a sensitive time, and communication to them of any and all plans may alleviate additional stress for their holiday season. It is important that both parents spend time with their children during such a special time of the year. Here at New Beginnings Family Law, we suggest that the parties, or their respective attorneys, plan in advance for the holiday visitation schedule that works best for them. Such a visitation schedule makes for a smooth transition not only for the parties to the divorce but to the children involved as well. If the parties can not agree on a visitation schedule, Courts have the power to impose standard holiday schedules that allow both parents to spend time with the children.

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