How Long Does The Adoption Process Take?

How Long Does The Adoption Process Take?

The adoption process can take varying lengths of time, which may take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to several years, depending on the issues involved and how you are going about your adoption process.

Stepparents Adoption Process

Adoption by stepparents and adoption by a close relative, such as adoption by a grandparent, aunt or uncle of the first degree, brother or sister, or half-sibling and their respective spouses, is a less time-consuming process. These types of adoptions are relatively common, and Alabama law allows the streamlining of the adoption process for stepparents and close relatives. In such situations, the adoptee child is often already living in an ongoing family relationship with the person wishing to adopt or has a significant relationship with the adoptee child. For stepparent and close relative adoptions, the adoptee must have resided with the person desiring to adopt for a period of one year unless good cause is shown. Further, no preplacement investigation is required in such cases unless specifically directed by the Court. Whereas, adoption of a non-relative child will typically require that a preplacement investigation is conducted, which can increase the time of the adoption process.

Adoption Process Through Agency

The process of adopting a child through an agency can vary significantly, depending on the availability of children to be adopted at the time and the age range of the child you wish to adopt. For instance, with the adoption of an infant or newborn, you may be on a waiting list for quite some type; however, if you wish to adopt a child in the 3 to 18 year old age range, there is typically a much shorter wait. Parties wishing to adopt may consider dealing with an interstate adoption agency that will assist in making connections with children of other states, particularly if you wish to adopt an infant. Although an interstate adoption involves 2 lawyers, 2 states, and 2 sets of law, working with an interstate adoption agency can shorten the amount of time to find a baby suitable for adoption across state lines.

What is an International Adoption?

You can also consider an international adoption. These adoptions can take quite some time due to the international nature of the adoption and requirements associated therewith, which may include the need for home studies, visits in the home country, and the like, in order to ensure that you are cleared for adoption both in the United States and in the country from which the child will be adopted.

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