Huntsville Divorce Lawyers for Men

Divorce Lawyers for Men in Huntsville

Divorce is stressful for everyone involved. It can be particularly concerning for men, who worry about bias in family court systems that have historically favored women. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, New Beginnings Family Law is a divorce law firm that stands up for the rights of men. We focus on ensuring that men are treated fairly in every aspect of the divorce process.

Getting divorced can be complex. Couples must resolve critical legal matters involving property division, alimony, child custody and child support. Most importantly, divorcing spouses need an agreement that ensures that their children will receive the love and resources that they deserve. Accomplishing those goals requires the knowledge and skills of a caring and competent Huntsville divorce attorney

For more than a decade, the lawyers at New Beginnings Family Law have fought for men’s rights in Alabama divorce proceedings. We help husbands and fathers protect key relationships and receive equal treatment according to the law.
Divorce does not have to be a contentious process. Call or contact us today to find out how our legal team can help you.


Divorce requires a lot of decision-making at a critical turning point in a family’s life. Our attorneys are aware of the stereotypes that sometimes plague men in family matters. We can address any baseless claims so that the divorce proceeds smoothly. Our men’s divorce lawyers also share the belief that children benefit most when they have access to both parents (when appropriate). We will listen to your concerns and make sure that they are addressed promptly.
The attorneys at New Beginnings Family Law always aim to resolve disputes with your spouse out of court. But if no agreement can be reached, our advocates have a strong presence in Alabama courtrooms and will defend your rights and protect your children.


Our Huntsville attorneys support clients in many sensitive matters related to divorce, including:


Also known as spousal support or maintenance, alimony is money paid to your spouse after divorce. The amount and duration of the alimony payment differs for couples based on the specifics of the marriage. For example, if you were the family breadwinner you may be asked to make alimony payments until your ex-spouse becomes self-supporting, remarries, lives with another partner or passes away. Generally, the longer the marriage, the more likely an alimony award will be.
Alabama makes several considerations when determining if spousal support is warranted, such as:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of the spouses
  • The ability of each spouse to support themselves
  • Why the marriage failed
  • The income of both partners
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Extenuating circumstances (for example, if a spouse has a permanent disability)

Alabama has no set formula for calculating maintenance payments but does consider factors such as whether a party is able to pay given his or her income level and necessary living expenses. Alimony may be temporary, paid in a lump sum, rehabilitative or periodic.
Our men’s divorce attorneys can advise you on how alimony may apply in your divorce proceedings. We can also help if an alimony payment needs to be modified or stopped if circumstances change for either party.

Property Division

Most divorces involve some amount of property division. That may include real estate, assets, debts and personal property acquired during the marriage. This is called marital property. Non-marital property, such as personal property that you had before marriage and/or private inheritances, are typically not included in property division.
Sometimes it is not easy to determine what constitutes marital versus non-marital property. Other times, couples may not be able to agree on how property should be divided. In those circumstances, the Alabama courts will make those determinations for you.
In disputes over property, some states split the assets and debts equally between the spouses. But Alabama is an equitable distribution state. Rather than divide things 50/50, the court will divide the property in a way that it deems fair to both parties.
In property division, the court will first:

  • Determine marital and non-marital property.
  • Assign a monetary value to the property.
  • Divide the property in what it determines is a fair and equitable manner.

Keep in mind that “equitable” does not mean “equal.” It is possible for one spouse to end up with considerably more property than another in a divorce. That’s why it’s usually advisable to try to make property division decisions outside the courtroom. Working with a men’s divorce lawyer is a good idea so that you understand the potential outcomes of property division, both in court and out.

Father’s Rights After Divorce in Alabama

Divorce is a very tumultuous experience for children. At New Beginnings Family Law, we protect father’s rights by pushing for child custody arrangements that put the family’s best interests first. Couples who have differing opinions on what will be best for the child may need the court’s help to make those decisions.
In Alabama, custody decisions involve looking at both parents’ capacities to care for the child. Then a judge will determine who should have legal custody (rights to make decisions about the child’s health, education and welfare) and physical custody (where the child will live and how much time each parent will spend with the child).
Alabama law recognizes that children usually fare best when they are able to interact with both parents, even after divorce. In many cases, joint custody arrangements allow children to spend time with each parent and preserve the family bond.

Child Support in Alabama

Child support is mandatory in Alabama. Both parents are expected to provide for their children financially. The courts use specific guidelines to establish the amount of child support that should be paid, including:

  • The number of children in the family
  • Each parent’s gross monthly income
  • Amount of time each parent spends with the child
  • Daycare expenses
  • Health insurance costs

Child support laws are structured in an effort to be fair to both parents. But unfortunately, there are still ways that the system can be manipulated to make one parent’s obligation much more than the other. Our Huntsville men’s divorce lawyers can analyze your financial circumstances so that your obligations are not skewed unfairly. We make sure that your children will always have what they need to thrive and grow.

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