Divorce: What Not to Say

Divorce: What Not to Say

Divorce is all around us, and we spend a lot of time thankful that we aren’t the ones currently embroiled in the painful separation. However, if you have loved ones going through the process of divorce, your words can very often be a support structure for them. And just as those words can build up the individuals, they can also tear them down. Here are some things to never say to your divorcing friends or family.

  1. Don’t encourage them to work it out. It’s likely they are past that point.
  2. Clichés like “everything heals with time” are unhelpful. They’re words that everyone has heard before, and as such, have ceased to hold any meaning at all.
  3. Avoid reassurances that have no basis in fact. Telling your friend she’ll come out on top financially, or something similar, is a guarantee you cannot make.
  4. Don’t plant seeds that the divorce may be a mistake. Chances are that they’ve already considered that possibility and don’t need to second guess themselves anymore.
  5. Pushing revenge or “getting even”, whether through cheating or petty behavior, will only damage an already broken relationship further.

When your loved ones are struggling with a divorce, it’s important to be the support network they need. Do this by listening and assisting, not by pushing a personal agenda of any sort. At New Beginnings Family Law, we look forward to supporting all the legal needs of anyone going through a divorce. If that is you, or a loved one, contact our Huntsville, Alabama office today for a consultation.

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