Divorce Venting: How Social Media Shares Can Snowball

Divorce Venting: How Social Media Shares Can Snowball

As you process a divorce, emotions from anger to frustration are bubbling through you. It’s natural to want to let those feelings out to keep from going crazy. Sometimes you may not have a convenient or trusted friend. So you take to social media, speaking in somewhat cryptic words. Guess what? Everyone knows what you’re referring to. More surprising, though, is the fact that those small social media posts may be used to build a stronger case against you.

Even if you think your ex, along with their friends and family, has been blocked from all your feeds, your posts are never truly private. Between fake accounts and screenshots, it’s safest to assume that your ex is reading all your words. Same with deleted posts—they are always saved somewhere, and their mysterious disappearance will make you look guilty.

Your posts are not the only ones that matter. Being tagged in a friend’s wild night out can showcase unfit parenting, or a friend’s picture with you in the background somewhere you aren’t supposed to be can show a lack of honesty. Social media doesn’t show the whole picture, and as such, speculation about your involvement can become wildly inaccurate quickly. The best way to guard yourself is to stay off it, and stay mindful of your activities that may be shared.

If you are starting divorce proceedings and unsure of your social media involvement’s effect on your divorce, contact an experienced divorce attorney today. The Huntsville legal team at New Beginnings Family Law is available for a consultation.

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