Divorce Is Never Easy, But This Will Make It Worse: Five Things NOT to Do During Your Divorce

Divorce Is Never Easy, But This Will Make It Worse: Five Things NOT to Do During Your Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process, and it can spark a variety of emotions, including anger. Unfortunately, angry people don’t always make wise decisions. Here are five specific “bad decisions” that you should avoid!

  1. Don’t behave badly. Getting a DUI is not going to look good to the divorce court. Making a scene when you see your soon-to-be-ex at a restaurant is not going to help your case.
  2. Don’t involve your children. They don’t want to hear how rotten the other parent is. They don’t want to be pawns in a power game between you and your ex. They don’t want to hear all the details of the divorce. What they do NEED is support and love.
  3. Don’t get back at your spouse by parading around a new girlfriend or boyfriend. This can be painful for both your ex and your children. Of course, love isn’t predictable, but if all possible avoid romantic relationships until after the divorce.
  4. Don’t send nasty text messages or emails. As we all know, these things can come back to haunt you, especially in divorce court. If you don’t want everyone to read it, don’t send it—once you hit send, you have no control over what happens to that email or text message. The same goes for postings on Facebook. Social media is not a good place to fight things out with your spouse.
  5. Don’t refuse help. This is the time when you need all the help you can get. This is an especially good time to hire therapist. A therapist can give you the support you need, and can advise you on making things easier both for yourself and for your kids. Huntsville Divorce Attorney can give you the proper guide for the struggles you are experiencing.

Divorce is already very difficult – don’t make things worse. With any luck, the day will come when you and your spouse can discuss things amicably, and that day will come much sooner if you and your spouse haven’t burned any bridges. Please contact us today if you’d like to learn more!

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