Tips to Prepare for Divorce

Tips to Get You Through the Process

  • From an emotional and psychological standpoint, recognize that divorce can be difficult to deal with.
  • Seek out emotional support through family, friends, or a formal divorce support group.
  • It may be worthwhile to see a therapist who can help you through the emotional process.
  • If your children are having a difficult time coping, it could also be beneficial for them to speak with a therapist that will help them understand their feelings on the situation.

Tips for Moving Forward

  • Give yourself time to mourn the end of the relationship.
  • Grief is an important stage within the healing process.
  • Allow yourself to work through your feelings.
  • After all is said and done, moving forward should be your main priority.
  • Don’t immediately rush into any new relationships without carefully considering how you, as well as the other person involved, may be affected.
  • Try learning a new hobby or even picking back up with an old one you used to have before the marriage.
  • Discover a new part of your identity by moving out of your comfort zone and trying new things.
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