Conquering the Divide: Explaining Divorce to Your Kids

Conquering the Divide: Explaining Divorce to Your Kids

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Since divorce can take quite some time for the parents to wrap their minds around, it is common for them to delay admitting it to their children. But kids can often tell that something isn’t right, and they may start to put pressure on themselves to fix it. Therefore, it’s important to talk with your children about the impending divorce as soon as possible.

To maintain a united front and still appear in control, all divorce discussion should be done with your spouse. Stress that the divorce should not be blamed on anyone: you, your spouse, and especially not the child or children. If you can, explain the reasons for the divorce, again without appropriating blame. However, make it clear that this is not temporary. Stay calm the whole time; allow the child to be emotional if he or she needs to be.

After the initial emotional shock, you may find that your child has a lot of questions. Make sure that you and your spouse are prepared to answer these. Some topics that may come up include where the child will live and where each parent will live. If you are still debating these topics together, give the best answer you can at this point, but be honest.

Remember that divorce can cause a lot of new feelings, especially anger, so if your child begins to act out, be patient with him or her and always be prepared to talk.

If you are uncertain of your ability to broach these topics calmly and deftly, consider consulting a divorce lawyer first. The experienced Huntsville Alabama divorce attorneys at New Beginnings Family Law are available to help you transition smoothly. Contact their office today.

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