Common Alabama Divorce Mistakes Men Make

Common Alabama Divorce Mistakes Men Make

There are many common mistakes men make while navigating through the divorce process. The first common mistake made by men is moving out of the family home. While it may seem reasonable, moving out of the family home can look unfavorably on you, as the male of the household. Moving out can lead to you spending less time with your children, which could have an impact on a custody determination made by the judge in your case. Or a skilled family law attorney may paint you leaving the marital home as abandoning your family. A second mistake common among men while navigating a divorce is choosing the wrong attorney. It is important to hire not hire a general practicing attorney, but one who specializes in divorce litigation or family law issues. A third mistake men can make during a divorce is to withhold information from your attorney. It is important to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly to the attorney representing you. Full disclosure of all facts can lead to a better case strategy, or prevent your attorney from being blindsided.

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