Are Child Support Arrangements Always Final?

Alabama parents may file to modify child support arrangements in specific circumstances.

Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration states the party seeking a modification must prove there has been a “[substantial and continuing] material change in circumstances.”

Even if there is not a typical difference (10%) between the guidelines-suggested child support and the actual child support, courts have discretion to determine whether modification is necessary.

Job Loss and Child Support Payments

Job loss is one of the most frequent reasons for arrangement modification.

Keep financial records (former wages, current unemployment benefits, total assets, etc.) for a modification filing.

It is important to file quickly and work with an experienced child support attorney as soon as possible.

What Happens If I’m Unable to Afford Child Support?

  • File immediately after financial hardship becomes evident.
  • A successful modification will apply only to the filing date and forward. A retroactive modification to older payments is unlikely.
  • Options exist. Stalling or attempting to overcome financial barriers without qualified legal assistance is the worst option.

How to Adjust Child Support

  • Petitions to modify child support can be filed in the Alabama circuit court where the custodial parent resides, or in the county where the original arrangements were filed.
  • Get in touch with our knowledgeable child support attorneys now to find out more about your rights and best legal options for altering your child support obligations.