Alabama Divorce Law: 8 Benefits of Mediation

Alabama Divorce Law: 8 Benefits of Mediation

When one or both members of a couple make the often difficult decision that it is time for their marriage to come to an end, there are numerous ways they can go about executing that decision. An increasingly popular way of ending a marriage is by utilizing mediation.

In legal terms, mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where an impartial mediator helps guide the parties involved in the dispute through negotiations in order to achieve a concrete and enforceable settlement or resolution.  Our mediation lawyer can help.

There are numerous benefits for utilizing this legal practice with regard to a divorce. We’ve listed six of them below:

  1. Voluntary
    Mediation is a voluntary process that is agreed upon by both members of a couple. When a couple can come to an understanding that they want to work together to establish the terms of their divorce, it sets the stage for a less adversarial split. It emphasizes a collaborative process of working together, as opposed to a traditional divorce which frames the split as one person versus the other.
  2. Creative Control
    Mediation gives you the control and flexibility to come to terms that you can both agree on without being shackled by some of the regulations of a tradition divorce case. This give you an opportunity to be more creative in developing things like parenting plans that will work best for you and your family.
  3. Affordability
    In general, by keeping the divorce out of court your split will be much more affordable. The concept of “taking your spouse for all they’ve got” is nonexistent in a mediated divorce where the couple will work to achieve equitable terms where both parties will be fairly taken care of afterwards.
  4. Speed
    Mediation generally moves faster than a traditional divorce as well. You can quickly work through all of your negotiations and get everything finalized without having to wait long periods of time between court hearings and a judge’s decisions. This also helps keep the process more affordable.
  5. Confidentiality
    Whereas court proceedings are public record, a mediation will be much more confidential. If you don’t want the terms and details of your divorce to be public knowledge, then a mediation is a helpful way to keep things between you, your ex-spouse, and your mediator.
  6. Kids
    The fact that mediation is a collaborative process that is less adversarial than a normal divorce sets a positive example for your children and avoids pitting them against one parent or another. They will be witness to and involved in less conflict between the divorcing parents, and they won’t have to go through things like being observed by court ordered specialists to determine things like custody.

Our mediation attorney in Huntsville is committed to helping your family achieve the fresh start it needs with the least amount of negative consequences for you and your children. A mediation may be exactly what your family needs to quickly and equitably achieve your new beginning. If you have questions about mediation or you are facing a divorce and you think mediation might be right for you, please call or Contact Us online to learn more.

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