Adoption Documents You Should Bring To The Initial Consultation

Adoption Documents You Should Bring To The Initial Consultation

Hi, I’m Ruby Panter, and I, along with the rest of the team here at New Beginnings Family Law, are so excited to have the opportunity to meet with you to answer your questions about adoption. In order to make the best use of your time with us, please remember to bring the following documents and information with you to our initial meeting where we will discuss your goals for adoption:

  • Your driver’s license, as well as your spouse’s driver’s license if are married;
  • Your marriage certificate if you are married;
  • The birth certificate of the person to be adopted;

The name, date of birth, and current or last known residence address for each of the natural parents of the child to be adopted, if known;

Any and all documents available to you related to any Court case or order involving or relating to the child to be adopted, whether a Final Decree of Divorce between the parents of the adoptee child, a custody order, an order adjudicating dependency in juvenile court, and the like;

All of the residence address of the places the minor child has lived in the preceding five years;

Any documents from the Department of Human Resources, if the Department has been involved with the adoptee child and if you have those documents in your possession; and

The name you wish the adoptee child to have the following adoption.

We will be happy to discuss with you any further information or documentation that we may need or any questions that you may have in your initial consultation.

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