6 Halloween Safety Tips for the Family

6 Halloween Safety Tips for the Family

Trick-or-treating is such an enjoyable occasion for many kids. It is crucial that steps are taken to protect children and ensure their safety and cheer on this spooky holiday. Here are six tips to help families stay safe on Halloween.

  1. Create a schedule and/or route before Halloween. This includes deciding which streets will be traveled so as to avoid major highways and sex offender homes (can be found in online databases) and also to visit houses that are well-known to the children. If the child’s parents are divorced, deciding who will take the child trick-or-treating or when an exchange will be made so that both parents may participate should be planned out well in advance. For the child’s happiness, their input should be considered on this subject.
  2. Costumes and other attire should be convenient and comfortable. Masks will hinder the child’s view. Costumes shouldn’t be too long so as to avoid tripping. Proper shoes will help both the child and the adult make it through the evening without sore feet.
  3. Make yourself easily visible. This can mean carrying a flashlight, placing reflective tape on the child’s costume or on yourself, or having the child wear glow bracelets and necklaces.
  4. All candy should be inspected at the end of the evening to make sure that it is age-appropriate and safe from any meddling. Homemade treats given by strangers should not be eaten.
  5. The best way to trick-or-treat with kids is to do so in a large group. Not only will this make the children more visible to cars, it helps them be responsible for each other and the adults accompanying them can work together to keep all of the kids safe. Plus, who wouldn’t have more fun trick-or-treating with family and friends instead of alone?
  6. Educate the children before the event of any potential threats. Stranger danger, unfamiliar pets, houses without lights on, and busy intersections are just a few of the concerns parents might want to go over with their children before trick-or-treating.

Trick-or-treating on Halloween can be an occasion that kids will remember forever. To make sure this happens, it’s important that parents communicate with each other and prepare with their children. If you need help to secure a pleasant Halloween for your children due to custody issues, please contact an attorney at New Beginnings Family Law, P.C.

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