What Clients Say

Huntsville Family Law Client Testimonials

At New Beginnings Family Law, P.C., protecting families is what we’re passionate about. And we’re good at it. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Below is a small sampling of what our clients have to say:

“Amber James and her firm went above and beyond in the handling of my case. I am a single father fighting for custody of my daughter. As many know this is an uphill battle. They have always been extremely prompt at returning phone calls and emails. I was very well informed of every action taken and all possible outcomes of those actions. They have been very flexible with my billing options due to the duration and complexity of my case. All of this is what you get outside of the courtroom, Amber and her staff are even more efficient inside the courtroom. They have been able to defend any and all false allegations made by my ex, and prove beyond doubt her actions. Amber and the members of her firm are very efficient and aggressive in the courtroom, but they are also ethical. They will not use anything they cannot prove or do not have evidence to support.

After receiving threats from my ex and finding out she was in town, Amber gave me her personal cell phone number so I could contact her directly in the event of trouble. Amber and her law firm have always made me feel like they were personally invested in my case, I have never once felt like I was just a client or they were just doing their job.”


“Ms. James and her staff were kind and generous with me during the most harrowing period of my life. The firm is growing and that is a testament to their skill and kindness. The growing pains mean they have been too busy at times. Hopefully, that will settle down soon. Ms. James is a very qualified and knowledgeable lawyer, and a person of high integrity.”


“This wasn’t our first time at the out-of-state adoption rodeo. Coming from a horrible experience with a Georgia attorney, we had to lower our expectations for the adoption of our second child. Even if I had crazy high expectations, Amber and her team absolutely met them. She was “on top” of everything so much, I didn’t get to even ask questions like, “Where are we in this process.” In fact, when we were clearing ICPC, I was watching the FedEx package to my state. They had it tracked and reported before I could even refresh my browser.

At surrender time, she was on time and available. I can’t go into enough how perfect this entire process was. She knows her stuff. She knows how to communicate. She’s personable. She has an excellent staff. I recommend Amber James with zero reservations.”

-Brian C.

“Ms. Amber James is an absolutely brilliant attorney. It’s one thing to trust someone as a professional–it’s entirely something else when you trust them as a person. Ms. James reconnected my life with my children, and made our lives so much better. She is as unstoppable in the courtroom as she is one of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her office staff is extremely intelligent and kind, and help greatly in resolving problems. I cannot thank James Family Law enough!”