Things That Might Happen If You Don’t File a Divorce Correctly?

There is a multitude of consequences that could occur from a divorce not being filed correctly. For instance, a judge could deny the Agreement entered by the parties forcing them to refile the divorce papers resulting in more money being spent. One party could receive an unfair allocation of the marital property acquired between the parties. Or, an incorrectly filed divorce could result in an excessive amount of time the parties wait for a Final Decree to be entered by a judge. In Alabama, there are certain forms that must be filed. Not only is a Plaintiff required to file a complaint, but there is also a multitude of documents, such as child support forms, an income withholding order, as well as proposed orders, but that must also be filed with the Court in order to satisfy all legal requirements. Filing incorrectly for a divorce can be easily avoided by seeking the advice of an attorney who specializes in family law.