Assisted Reproductive Technology

Assisted Reproductive Technology: Is Legal Help Necessary?

When dealing with topics as sensitive as infertility and the creation of a family, it can be tempting to keep your dealings as private as possible, only involving medical professionals. But with the complicated legal issues regarding the rights of all parties involved, competent legal help is an important aspect of moving forward in any assisted reproductive technology (ART) case.

Assisted Reproductive Technology Law & Price

One of the most common objections to ART is the price. Between the lab and medical costs, it can be a very expensive procedure. But beyond having a child become biologically part of the family, it’s also important for the child to become part of the family legally. Skimping on this step can lead to lengthy, expensive custody or identity battles down the road. Legal work should guarantee that the child is part of your family in every way and save you stress and heartbreak in the future.

Potential legal battles you may face without full legal preparation include arguments with the donors or gestational carriers, lawsuits for damages for the gestational carrier, oversight of medical treatment, and other struggles regarding education, insurance, and beyond.

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